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Whole House Music and multizone stereo systems have become very popular. Audio Visual Architects will design the best way to distribute music throughout your home. You can use your stereo receiver, home theater system or install a dedicated multiroom system.

  • Stereo in any room or area you want
  • In-room volume controls
  • In-room remote eye receiver for remote control operation
  • In-room A/B switcher to get double duty out of the same speakers
  • In-room head phone outlets
  • Individual zone controls:
    - FM in the kitchen
    - CD on the deck
    - XM satellite in the living room
    - Nursery in the master bedroom
    - Music server in the game room

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Speaker Placement:
Ported Versus Sealed

Home theater speakers come in many different shapes, size, styles and most definitely price ranges but for our purposes today let’s focus on one specific characteristic, ported or non-ported.

Panasonic’s Premiere Advertising Campaign

Take for example Panasonic's Premiere plasma campaign, it asks the simple question: Looking for true black or black that’s true?

Acoustics: You Should Hear What You’re Missing

Do you realize that sometimes moving a speaker a few inches one way or another can yield an improvement in sound quality

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