Home Security

Security systems go far beyond mere burglar alarms. For most people, having the peace of mind in knowing that all of your property is secure is worth its weight in gold.

At Audio Video Architects, customer service is a promise and a reality. We pride ourselves in helping our customers select the most appropriate components for their security system and continue to provide customer service and technical support well beyond the purchase. Our goal is to help you design the right security configuration for your home or business and to provide the advice and guidance you need to complete the installation.

Smart Security

Audio Video Architects knows that keeping your Wichita-area home and family safe is a major concern for many. Whether you’re away all day at work, taking a weekend trip or major vacation, with a smart home security system being able to check in on your property remotely can help you to rest easy knowing at all times that your property is secure.

Just imagine your peace of mind, having the ability to check in on your home by just pulling out your smartphone, tablet or laptop. View live surveillance footage or scroll through recorded video clips on your device.

Remote access allows you to manage all the aspects of your home security system right in your hand. You have the power to operate door locks, arm or disarm your system, check the system status, receive alerts and more. Even when you are not at home, you can feel secure that you will get immediate updates about any emergencies.

Want to make sure your pets are safe, your elderly parents are doing fine, or kids are home by curfew? Rest assured, with remote access you can check on all that matters to you with just a few clicks.

Home Alarm Systems

With today’s modern technology home security and safety has never been better. The right home alarm system can bring you peace of mind that you and your family are safe at all times. When combined with a smart home option you can receive an immediate notification to your smart device when any activity takes place on your property.

Home alarm systems today are not just about keeping intruders away. Many home alarm systems now include features to protect your home from fire, carbon monoxide, frozen pipes, humidity levels or even sump pump failure.

With so many options it can become overwhelming trying to decide what is required to properly equip your home. We are here to help. We evaluate the needs of your home and help you to choose the right package for you.

We provide dependable, fast alarm system monitoring 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team of certified operators are committed to providing the highest measure of quality and customer service to ensure ultimate protection and peace of mind.

You may also be eligible for a homeowners insurance discount if installing a home security system from AVA.

Perimeter Surveillance Protection

Surveillance cameras are part of an effective home security network when motion sensing is added it allows you to only record when triggered by motion. Receive alerts when the camera detects motion and be able to instantly monitor the outside of your home remotely.

Along with surveillance cameras, it is important to establish an outdoor perimeter. While your basic home alarm system handles the inner perimeter, including the doors, walls, and windows. An outdoor perimeter makes it more difficult for anyone to even make it to your home and helps to eliminate the opportunity for a home break-in.

By adding security lights, motion detectors, driveway sensors along with surveillance cameras you make it much more difficult for a possible intruder to even make up to your home.

By installing these items to protect the outside of your home and the area surrounding it, you provide a huge deterrent to potential thieves, who would prefer a much easier target.